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Dear One Piece-aholics,

With the comic and all, I thought I'd give you a daily update on all your Ryu-related news. There is only one thing stopping me from post the finished chapter one. And that's that... I haven't... finished it yet. But I'm getting there! I can tell you that it's doubled in length and quality, and also that I'm busier than ever. So give me a shot to finish it! In other news, Operation Lupikisu died. Quit bugging me about it. You don't like it? Put together your own New Baroque Works. Lastly, in L.A. class, I'm doing a research paper on Alabasta. This is what happens when teachers give One Piece fans freedom! And now, time for today's picture. Ta-duh~!

Fearless Captain Ryu

Love, the most modest man in the world, Ryu-Chan