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Always good to hear from Panda. I've only read the title and it's the best blog of the year. But unfortunely, she misses the mark about the cover page. Chances are, it'll last a good while. But she recovers wih the Swedish maypole.

Ooh, the Naruto joke was clearly forced, and it'll hurt her in the long run. And now Sanji is a gay pedophile? This isn't Panda's strongest paragraph.

But she has opened my eyes about Vergo having rokushiki. To be honest, I didn't realise he was flying when I read the chapter. I just thought he forgot to stand on the ground.

We finally get a good opinion on the Doflamingo pages. Panda hits a bullseye with the description of Baby 5.

"Speak of SAD", who was speaking of SAD? And apparently Panda prefers her stories to be logicless. For her sake, I hope there's no further explanation on how Devil Fruit's work at all.

The Perona reference took me a second to get. I don't know who to blame for that. Either Panda should have been more clear, or I'm just slow. But I do like comparing Jokers. It seems that Oda decided to make Doflamingo into Batman's rival kind of last minute. And so he invented Ceasar Clown, a combination of Ceasar Romero and clowns. Two things that come together to make a creepy as Joker-stache.

I'd eat Brook, given the chance.

Oda just thinks it's incredible whenever Chopper goes Monster, doesn't he? Definitely not getting old. Well, Panda's blog is over. Conclusion? She sure as hell beat Neo and M.D.M. But is it really a good blog, or do I just love female ginger One Piece fans with heterochromia iridum? I don't think it matters. Let's just hope she blogs more often.

inb4 LPK already called a dragon-zoan.