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  • well i got nothing

by Caring16

Thank you for wasting my time again. Do you realize what I could be doing right now instead of replying to your stupid comment? Your going right back to hell, Caring. Right back.

  • Hello Ryu-Sensei! How are you doing, please fill the gaps gaps I give with "yes" or "no": .....I am mad. .....I am the one who is the biggest looser.....I am a half *ssed weirdo.

by Blackendedsoul

No? Nah, how could I be biggest loser if my ribs are wider than my gut? NO! I'm a certified full-assed weirdo!

  • Ryu caring will miss u

by Monkey.D.Me I missed me, too... WAIT! Are you the one who said I should come back in One Piece of $h!t? I'll kill you, man!

  • Ryu-Sensei! I have some questions for you! Do you know how to defend yourself against fresh fruit? Are you a lumberjack and are you ok? Do you cut down trees, eat your lunch, then go to the lavatree (lavatory)? Do you put on women's clothing and hang around in bars? Is the dead parrot really pining for the fjords? Can I get the eggs bacon sausage and spam without the spam? Should I always look on the bright side of life *whistle*? And finally did you expect some sort of Spanish Inquisition? P.N. SucksRyu's

by Galcion

Oi. Another long one. Okay, here we go. Fresh fruit? That is a reference that I don't get... Who's a lumberjack now? Another reference I don't get. Woman's clothing at bars!? HELL NO! I put on woman's clothing at home, and no clothing at bars! Ignoring the parrot... No. You get eggs, bacon, sausage, and spam with extra spam. What is it with you and these references? Enough! And I fixed your P.N. for you.

  • ok ryu now we part but when u return MAKE A FLASY COMEBACK WITH A FLASY ANIMATION

by Monkey.D.Me

OKAY! Wait, you again!? GO TO HELL!