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Dear readers, this is Ryu-Chan reporting from the Daily Prophet (or something)

The comic is coming back. I'm sick of all this not-comic going around, plaguing the wiki. It makes me want to puke. But the problem is the reason it went away in the first place. So here are my options. I could either convert the series to blog form -all text and no pictures, updated controversially on this wiki- or I could wait until the summer to release the next chapter the good ol' fashion way. I can personally guarantee that if the comic turns into a blog, I will never EVER draw it again. I guess you'll have to find another more talented user to fill my shoes. I can also safely say that if I do decide draw once more like the old days, it won't be until the summer time is upon us. So, whaddya say?

How shall the Comic face revival?

The poll was created at 01:50 on April 11, 2012, and so far 10 people voted.

Love, *wink* Ryu-Chan

DISCLAIMER: This blog has nothing to do with One Piece. If you want a One Piece related blog, good luck. If you are offended by the lack of One Piece content in this blog, feel free to comment about it. No one will care. In your face. Now, for those who have no clue what this blog is about, allow me to quote Willy Wonka. "You must be new here". Because there was a time where no user could go a day without someone mentioning my comic. It's an online comic series about the users you see here. Those chapters can be found here. Also, there is awiki about it. Irony? I think so.