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Dear silly sausages,

Remember when Ryu made a comic? Probably not, because it sucked. But I've learned from my mistake. I'm making a comic about the One Piece Wiki, and it's staring YOU! (please note, if you are not one of the twelve main characters, it is not actually starring you...) So I've official made this week Ryu's Update Week. I'll be releasing two character designs a day, starting today. On Saturday, chapter 1 of my comic launches. So check back on this blog everyday, and especially on Saturday. If you guys like the comic, more chapters will be made. If you guys don't give enough craps, the comic will die out like all my other project.

Day 1 -

Ryuzakiforever and DancePowderer

Day 2 -

Ricizubi and LuffyPirateKing

Day 3 -

JapaneseOPfan and Galcion

Day 4 -

Imhungry4444 and Pandawarrior

Day 5 -

Monkey.D.Me and Mrgod11234

Day 6 -

Caring16 and A Wiki Contributor

Day 7 -

Chapter 1: Uhh.... oh... er... my bad?

Love, struggling with the glitchy chat, Ryu-Chan