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The Ace Musical

Act 1, Scene 2

Luffy Awakes (This Can't Be)

(Luffy crash lands on Amazon Lily)

LUFFY - Huh? Where am I? How did I get here? Oh yeah... OH YEAH!

(Luffy gets up and looks around)

LUFFY - Where are my friends? Are they around here? Will I ever see their face again?

(Luffy runs around)

LUFFY - This can't be! They couldn't have really left me here.

This can't be! I wonder if my pals are full of fear

right now, across the planet, we we're hurled!

Right now, as I we're split around the world!

This can't be! It won't be! I refuse to accept it...

This can't be!

Wait! We promised to meet back in three days. They're probably already back at the ship waiting for me! Zoro! Nami! Usopp! Sanji! Chopper! Robin! Franky! Brook!

This has to be! No time to sleep, no time to chow!

This has to be! I know they're waiting for me now!

Right now, throught the seas, I must go!

Right now, don't rest and don't go slow!

This has to be! To ease my mind from pain...

This has to be!

(Luffy is calmed now)

LUFFY - I guess I have time to eat something...

(Luffy eats a mushroom)

LUFFY - Mmmm! That was delicious!

(Luffy eats the whole pile)

(Luffy grabs another kind of mushroom)

LUFFY - Yuck! This kind is disgusting!

(Luffy eats the whole pile)

LUFFY - Oooh, another kind!

(Luffy stretches out his arm to grab a third mushroom-type)

LUFFY - Yum! I like this o-

(Luffy passes out)