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Dear citizens of the One Piece Wiki,

Although it says that this blog is from Ryu-Chan, it is actually from an anonymous man. And I'm forming a secret organization to complete my evil biddings. Recruiting starts now. I'll pretty much accept all requests to join. Our first operation is Operation: Lupikisu. Our ultimate goal is a secret. We welcome you to the New Baroque Works. Eh eh eh eh!

Current Members -

Mr. 0 - unknown user

Miss All-Sunday - Pandawarrior

Officer Agents -

Mr. 1 - Swimswimfruit

Miss Doublefingers - Sara.mujallid

Mr. 2 - Ricizubi

Mr. 3 - The Human Typhoon

Miss Goldenweek - Caring16

Mr. God - 4

Mr. 5 - Black-Leg Sanji

Miss Valentines Day - Nacchan-San

Frontier Agents -

Mr. 6 - Fantasy Detective

Mr. 9 - NewWorldWarrior

Mr. 10 - Piece Enrik

Other -

Lassou - Yountoryuu

Banchi - LuffyPirateKing

Billions - Unknownada

Love, Ryu-Chan Mr. 0

EDIT: Who the hell blocked my blog?! Atleast discuss it with me! This blog is re-opened. Please contact me before changing that. Or at least give me a reason.

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