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Dear Loyal Hostages, I am going to make a virtual pet Flash game called My Pet Sanji! And the virtual pet is -wait for it- Sanji! Did you wait for it? It adds suspense. Anyway, I'll be accepting ideas and opinions for the finished product. And then I will ignore these ideas and opinions. Unless they're really good. So go ahead and leave a comment for this beautiful spectum of a concept that will probably get abandoned like the result of any drunk encounter. Here are my current ideas for activities for you and your loving pet.

-reward him with cigarettes

-punish him with a crudely drawn wanted poster

-play fetch with a porno mag (Joy Boy)

-play dress-up

-give him a make-over

-shave his eyebrow

-give him bathes, whether he's dirty or "dirty", you perverted fangirls

-take him on walks (watch out for the neighborhood Zoro)

-scrub his belly

-teach him fancy kicking tricks

-keep him away from girls. He likes to lick

-enter him in the pet show

Any other GOOD ideas will be added to the list. And if I start giving up on the project, you have my permission to beat the crap out of me. I might put up a demo if you guys seem interested. Tell your friends! Tell your kids, tell your wives, and tell your husbands 'cuz they promotin' everybody up here.

Love, now you have a reason to like, Ryu-Chan