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Dear Wikiologists,

I have just discovered a mysterious wikia site that hasn't been viewed by human eyes in many years. It's url calls it "Wanpies.Wikia", but it simply refers to itself as the One Piece Wiki .

Now, a One Piece Wiki clone isn't all that mysterious on it's own. There are all sorts of shitty One Piece Wikis that no one ever uses. But what I find so odd about this one is that appears to have no users whatsoever. Not as in, 'all the users left', but like, it never had a single user. The User List comes up barren, the Wikia Activity's gone dry. This shitty wiki appears to be entirely ex nihilo. It created itself. And I not only ask how, but why?

One of the first oddities I've noticed is the 'popular pages' tab. An oxymoron to say the least, but if you look at the categories, you'll notice 'Nami' is a category. And what is categorizes under 'Nami'? Characters. And if you actually click the characters, they only listed character is Luffy. It's like some sort of robot that's trying to immitate wikis through machine learning, but is too stupid to realize that Luffy isn't a Nami, and his name isn't Characters.

Pay close attention to the button labled 'Most visited articles'. Clicking on it does nothing. There are no visited articles. This is not a wiki for men, but for machine consciousness. Further investigation is needed.

Nothing appears to function the way that it should. The 'Random Page' button only directs you to a single page titled 'Manga' with screenshots of Chapter 1. If you search hard enough, you'll find a category page called 'Usopp'. He, too, like Nami, contains Characters (the Luffy page). Promotional art for Pirates' Carnival exists for no reason.

Who, or what, is capable of creating such a monstrosity? Further investigation is needed. I urge all scientists who view this wiki not to edit it, in order to preserve this mystery exactly as it was discovered. Even the slightest change could drastically alter our research.

There is no Wiki God.