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Dearest kings and queens of wikia,

Check it out. It's the first post you see when you log onto the subreddit today. We got a lot of very helpful feedback, so I'd suggest reading what they have to say. I have to say that Reddit, particularly r/OnePiece is a fantastic and helpful community. For those to lazy to read, I'll edit this blog later and and a general overview of what we can take from this.

Love, celebrating our first social media success, Ryu-Chan ❤

EDIT: As promised, an overview of the Reddit post:

  • They love us. We're doing a great job.
  • The SBS archives are a hit and they can't wait to see them up-to-date, so thank JOP for coming back.
  • They actually really like our episode guide, although it's been noted that we could mark filler episodes from regular episodes.
  • Some of our pages (example 1, example 2) could be a little more visual so that people can navigate without  memorizing the name of every single pirate.
  • A lot of redditors pointed out inconsistent translations, so please participate in the open forum about it.
  • There have been complaints about speculation, particularly when declaring characters dead. I think we're pretty safe about this, but it's something to keep in mind.
  • Spoilers. People want more warning about spoilers. I definitely think that's something we can work on.
  • Someone actually asked about Galaxy9000, which was funny.
  • At least one redditor expressed interest in contributing, so here's what I propose;

We should spend the next week addressing the notes that Reddit gave us and cleaning up the place. Then I'll make a follow-up post to thank them and give them details on how to get involved. Let's get to work, boys!