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Dear friends and family,

I have enjoyed my stay at this wiki. I considered many of you to be my closest friends. I really had a sense of belonging, even if I couldn't see you. However, things have changed. Most of our disagreements nowadays are settled with empty arguments and a repetitive poll. That isn't the way a wiki is meant to run. Secondly, many of the classic users have abandoned the wiki, like sand in a cylinder. And all that remains are the big turds like LPK that clogged the holes. I suppose I wouldn't take this so drastically if it weren't for one user in particular that pushed me over the edge. Galaxy9000 left a hurtful message on my talk page this morning. I felt ambushed. I felt violated. I felt betrayed. Is this how a wiki treats its eldest users? It's been fun, guys, but it's time I move on with my life. I'm retiring from the One Piece Wiki. If you want to find me, I'll be contributing on the Thomas the Tank Engine Wiki. I encourage many of you to join me. We can discuss my new favorite show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. That's right. I was finally pushed into trying it, and I've got to say, it changed me.

Brohoof /), Ryu-Chan