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Dear users, who are most likely bored if your reading this.

My good friend, who I planned to oneday make my favorite slave, has informed me of his struggles. Although he is not listed as "Blocked" on his userpage, he is unable to comment, edit, or blog. His name is Weir Dowit H'coff E.E., or as many of you know him as, Weirdo. Of course, I know him as Dowit. With him gone, I'm reduced to nothing more than a happy man who listens to good music and avoids scary stories. Of course, we'd all be better off, but dammit. He's my bitch. Or wait... My friend. Yeah, that one. And I will not let my friend go without making pointless comments on every pointless blog! Which is why I'm starting an organization to raise awareness of his great plight. The "Dowit's Impasse Charity of Kindness" followers, or D.I.C.K.s, are here to help. We D.I.C.Ks are aimed directly at Weirdo and his wellbeing. Of course, all we can do is raise awareness. If breast cancer has taught me anything, it's that awareness does nothing. But it does make me feel helpful, so I'm going to be the most nuturing D.I.C.K I can be.

Help raise awareness of Dowit's struggle. Be a D.I.C.K.

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