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Dear Ryu's little helpers,

I'm going to need to color all the characters in my OP Wiki Comic by Chapter 5. The problem is, I suck at coloring. So I'm letting you guys do it. Just pick a character, give him/her a nice color scheme, link it to me and if I like it, it's official. If you're planning on entering, please comment with what character you would like to color. If you need an image to color, tell me. I'll give you a nice blank drawing you can color. Please participate, or else I might ruin their color schemes completely.

Love, Christmas Ryu


1. Decide on a character to color

2. Get an uncolored image of the character

3. Using the magic of MS Paint or something, color in the character

4. Upload the colored image to some website and link it to me

5. Pray that I like the image

- NOTE. All the main characters have colors now. However, if you think you can make a better one, go ahead. I can change my mind at any time -