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Chapter 9 Released

My dearest Wiki,

The ninth chapter of the One Piece Wiki Comic is completed. It can be read here. If you don't know what this is, it's a series drawn by me about the users on this wiki. You can read every chapter here. There's also a wiki for my comic based on a wiki based on a comic, and I'd like you to edit it here.

After the release of Chapter 10, I will condense all the chapters into one big flash file titled "One Piece Wiki: The Comic, Volume 1". Simultaniously, I'll be uploading a databook about the comic titled "OP Wiki Red-Orange: The Databook". The dealio is that I need content. And while I have plenty I can use on my own, I will be accepting and encouraging fan-art, chapter predictions, and SBS questions. As well as anything else you want me to put in this. And I'll be honest. All I'm expecting is a doodle from Shay or JOP, and then some sort of joke because Nada thinks he's funny. But if I get more than that, grandiose!

Love, (yes, that kind of love) Ryu-Chan

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