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Chapter 8 Released

Dear faithful fans and confused newcomers,

I'm Ryu-Chan. I draw a comic about the users on this wiki. The story is trapped in the year 2011, so it's inconsistent with current events. Chapter 8 is finished and can be read here. This comic has it's own wiki. You can help me a bundle by editing here. And now that we're all on the same page, it's time to stretch this blog.

This chapter stars Ryu, Nada, and M.D.M as main characters. While it was mostly plot-progressive, I would like to know which one stole the show. Personally, I think Nada's the most developed character and it was fun to finally elaborate on him. Although I've had the scene with the Ryu-Punch planned out since Chapter 1, so it has a special place in my chest hole. M.D.M is one of my favorite users and favorite characters, but I feel like I haven't yet given him the spotlight he deserves.

Which character was best in this chapter?

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Love, your brotha,