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Dear users or all shapes and sizes,

Remember that comic I use to draw? No? Okay, well let me fill you in. Back in late September (when our story takes place, by the way), I drew a web comic about the users of our wiki. The original 3 chapters can be found here. Because it was so long ago, many of the users you know today didn't exist in our wiki world yet. Others have already left. Who the hell is "Galcion" anyway? Panda, Rici, Hungry, Sff9, and I were not Chat Mods at the time and will not be Chat Mods in the comic. This may be confusing for the stupid users, but try to keep up.

Anyway, the comic has finally returned and should last throughout the summer. Enjoy is. Please. Enjoy it? Now, keep in mind that there is also a mostly inactive wiki lying around that should answer any questions you have, but it despretly needs support. That's where you come in, the fans. I'm on my knees here.

Well, I suppose you want a link to chapter 4 now? Too bad.

Love, Mama Ryu