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Chapter 29: The Pirates Are Comic

PG 1

  • Usopp and Nami: *staring at all the pirates*
  • Nami: Where are Zoro and Luffy?!
  • Usopp: We're going to have to fight these pirates by ourselves!!
  • Nami: There's no way we can do that!

PG 2

  • Usopp: *gulp* Yes...
  • Nami: Good, you agree.
  • Usopp: Yes... We can fight them...
  • Nami: *shocked* What!?
  • Usopp: We can beat them! We'll have to fight with out lives!

PG 3

  • Luffy: C'mon. Where's that stupid bay?
  • Luffy: *looks around*
  • Luffy: Crap. I bet Usopp's dead by now.

PG 4

  • Zoro: *trying to climb up the slope*
  • Zoro: C'mon, I can do this. I know! I'll use my swords!
  • Zoro: *puts swords on the oil*
  • Swords: *slips and falls into the ocean*
  • Zoro: Hey wait, that's it!

PG 5

  • Jango: Please? You silly pirates lost so fast! Hahaha!
  • Usopp: *covered in a pile of blood on the ground*
  • Jango: *kicks Usopp* What happened to your speech? "We can do it!" Hahahaha!
  • Nami: I never really was on his side anyway.
  • Jango: Hahaha! Such a shameless girl! So you want to join our side, eh?

PG 6

  • Nami: That's right.
  • Jango: Perfect! Then I'll just hypnotize you now!
  • Nami: *staring blankly*
  • Jango: Watch closely. 1...
  • Luffy: *looking around*
  • Jango: 2...
  • Zoro: *jumping into the water*
  • Jango: ...Jan-

PG 7

  • Usopp: *shoots Jango in the back*
  • Black Cat Pirates: *shocked*
  • Jango: You brat! *turns around*
  • Nami: *smacks him on the back of the head with a bow*
  • Jango: Falls over.

PG 8

  • Black Cat Pirates: They took out Captain Jango!
  • Nami: Usopp! Maybe your not so weak after all!
  • Usopp: *grins* Please, I hit Jango two minutes ago. I call it my 1000 Verse Humming Shot!
  • Nami: That's a lie.

PG 9

  • Jango: *sneaks up on Nami and Usopp and bashes their heads together*
  • Jango: Don't mess with the Black Cat Pirates.
  • Luffy: *Gum-Gum Pistols Jango from behind*
  • Zoro: *emerges from the ocean* I had to swim thanks to you, Miss Navigator!
  • Luffy: Usopp! Did you die already!
  • Usopp: Luffy! You made it! *crying*
  • Nami : Shut up, Zoro.

PG 10

  • Jango: Stop doing that!
  • Nami: *smacks Jango's back-head*

PG 11

  • Mayan Goddess: *emerges from the depths of the oceans*
  • Mayan Goddess: The time has come, mere mortals! 2010, the end of the world!
  • Luffy: Hey! Who the hell are you?!
  • Mayan Goddess: I am the Mayan Goddess of Destruction. Who are you?
  • Luffy: I'm Monkey D. Luffy! I'm gonna be k-
  • Mayan Godess: Yeah, that's great.

PG 12

  • Jango: Listen, you! I don't know who you think you are, but we're in the middle-
  • Mayan Goddess: Fools!
  • Mayan Goddess: *raptures Jango*

PG 13

  • Nami: Look out! This guys tough!
  • Zolo: *emerges from the depths of the oceans*
  • Zolo: What's going on here?
  • Mayan Goddess: *raptures Nami, Zolo, and Zoro*

PG 14

  • Luffy: It can't be! My adventure just started! You can't end it now!
  • Mayonnaise Goddess: Oh, but I can. If I let you live for just one more week, you'd be at Shaobody Archipelago by now.
  • Usopp: What!? You can't just sail half the world in a few weeks!
  • Mayan Goddess: The wiki disagrees. The interval of time from one island to another is but a day, unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Luffy: What the hell is a wiki?

PG 15

  • Mayan Goddess: It matters not anymore. The world is finished.
  • Luffy: But I wasn't done sailing it!
  • Mayan Goddess: Is that really all you care about? Sailing around the world?
  • Luffy: Yes.
  • Mayan Goddess: *crying hysterically*
  • Mayan Goddess: Me, too!

PG 16

  • Mayan Goddess: It's true. All I ever wanted was to sail the entire world.
  • Luffy: Hm. Then join my crew!
  • Mayan Goddess: ...Really?
  • Luffy: Sure! And you can destroy the world when we're done!

PG 17

  • Usopp: How long will that take?
  • Mayan Goddess: *counting her fingers*
  • Mayan Goddess: Precisely 12/21/12.
  • Usopp: Jinkies! What timezone?
  • Mayan Goddess: Ryu-Chan's timezone, of course!

PG 18

    • Narrator: And so the adventure continued! Luffy, Usopp, the Mayan Goddess, and Baby 5 all sailed the entire world, spanning all the way to chapter 30 and on! THE END.