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Happy 2 year anniversary of the comic, Wikians!

For those who don't know, I draw a comic based on the users of this Wiki. Well, the 10th Chapter is out and can be read right here, baby. If you need a recap, the compilation of all 10 chapters can be read here. It's called "Volume 1: Romance P0wn'd". And it features more than the entire series in one spot. It's also uncensored for the first time ever, and between each chapter, I answer real questions sent in by users. So there's that. I was also supposed to release a databook today, but it's not ready and I'm out of time. I'm shooting for the 28th, but no promises. So tell me, for those of you who read my SBS questions, what did you think?

What should I do with future ask-question sections?

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Enjoy your chapter, love Ryu-Chan