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Best Pervert Fruit

Dear Fellow Perverts. Or, all of you.

This has been a long lasting debate on the chat. Which devil fruit is best for peeping?

Suke Suke - Invisble. Sneak into anywhere and peep without being caught. You can even touch and your identity is safe.

Doa Doa - Doors. Peep at people in the twilight zone. Kidnapping is also an option, for the riskier bro.

Yomi Yomi - Revive. You get to kill yourself first. (Haven't you always wanted to jump off a cliff, or catch on fire?) Then you can peep in ghost form.

Which is the best pervert fruit?

The poll was created at 17:54 on June 23, 2011, and so far 38 people voted.

Love, finally using his signature here, Ryu-Chan•|•Talk

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