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Attention all users,

Ryuzakiforever left his computer unattended with the letter "I am emo. I'm going to do some emo things, because I'm emo. Be right back, if I'm still alive. - Emo Ryu". So I, Kalifa, have taken over the chat moderator's account. I've been observing the chat for many months. I am pulling the following charges upon you all. That's sexual harassment!

Sexual Harassment Charges
  • Showing of pornography
  • Requesting users to take shirtless photos
  • Insisting Ryu-Chan should masturbate
  • Suggestive comments made to users
  • Requesting to meet or webchat with a user
  • Having a counter-productive avatar
  • Referencing one's erection or nosebleed
  • Having a username such as "NiceTats"
  • Having a username starting with "Monkey.D"
  • Having a username containing a number higher than 6.
  • Talking to a female user
  • Making a comic featuring a female user
  • Making a meme mentioning a female user
  • Referring to one's self as the "Hentai King"
  • Charging someone of sexual harassment
  • Making a heart-shaped key or emoticon
  • Being sexy
  • Full awareness of being sexy
  • Working out and wiggling
  • Females looking at a male's body
  • Having an avatar containing the colors red, blue, green, deep blue, aqua, flax, monochrome pink, AuroMetalSaurus, blue, or Voldemort's nipple
  • Saying "fire"
  • Lack of punctuation
  • Advertising a blog
  • Having sexual activities with another user without consent (documents must be filed and signed)

I expect the chat to be cleaned up a bit.

- Kalifa