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Merry Christmas again! (Or whatever holiday you celebrate, the love is for all)

Hatsmas time is here!

Hattiness and cheer!

Avatars for our users,

Ryu's favorite time of year!

I'll add a Santa hat,

candy canes, all that!

Make your pic just like St. Nick

for use in blogs and chat!

(I think there must be something wrong with me, Wiki. I've spent five years with you nerds, drawing and photoshopping Christmas-themed goodies into your avatars. And now I'm going to do it again? Leave me a comment if you want me to put a Santa hat on yours. Or, request something special, like reindeer antlers or elf ears. It might not work out, but I'll try! If you would like to use an image other than your current avatar, please provide it, and remember, if the top your character's head isn't in the frame, how in the h*ck am I supposed to hat it?)

Leave me your requests

related to X-mas!

It's all for free, a gift from me!

Just ask, I may say 'yes'!

If not, don't throw a fit!

I have no time for shit!

It's a fun hobby, but not my job-y!

Just get along, that's it!

Love, your yuletide milliner, Ryu-Chan