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4th Annual Hatsgiving

Dearly beloved,

Hey guys. It's been a while. I guess I really haven't been myself lately, but it's time to rebuild this ole Ryu-Chan. I just don't know if there's anything powerful enough to motivate me to stick around here, and I-

Wait, what's that? In the distance?

Could it be...? It is! It's...


It's Christmas Time, you fucks! And every year, I go nuts about Christmas and all its secular traditions (ya know, the good ones) and impose them on the wiki. And in the spirit of giving, and the in the spirit of Santa, I give away free Santa hats! I'll draw them right onto your avatar. All you have to do is ask before December 24. I also take special requests at my discretion. Here are some highlights from last year:

May the ghost of Santa be with you,


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