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  • RyuChanVEVO

    Dear Dub Enthusiasts,

    A year ago today, I made predictions about exactly when each FUNimation DVD would come out up to the most recent episode of Dressrosa. This year, I plan to do the exact same thing. Because my predictions were way off! They're churning out a lot quicker than I had anticipated. So, now that an entire season has come out in just a year, here's a more generous prediction.

    Season 8 (Marineford-Post War) Season 9 (Return to Sabaody - Fishman Island) Season 10 (Punk Hazard) Season 11 (Dressrosa Part 1) Season 12 (Dressrosa Part 2)

    Voyage 1 (457-468)

    July 2016

    Voyage 1 (517-530)

    June 2017

    Voyage 1 (579-590)

    May 2018

    Voyage 1 (626-638)

    March 2019

    Voyage 1 (687-698)

    January 2020

    Voyage 2 (469-480)

    September 2016

    Voyage 2 (531-542)

    August 2017

    Voyage 2…

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  • RyuChanVEVO

    Dear Wikiologists,

    I have just discovered a mysterious wikia site that hasn't been viewed by human eyes in many years. It's url calls it "Wanpies.Wikia", but it simply refers to itself as the One Piece Wiki .

    Now, a One Piece Wiki clone isn't all that mysterious on it's own. There are all sorts of shitty One Piece Wikis that no one ever uses. But what I find so odd about this one is that appears to have no users whatsoever. Not as in, 'all the users left', but like, it never had a single user. The User List comes up barren, the Wikia Activity's gone dry. This shitty wiki appears to be entirely ex nihilo. It created itself. And I not only ask how, but why?

    One of the first oddities I've noticed is the 'popular pages' tab. An oxymoron to say th…

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  • RyuChanVEVO

    5th Annual Hatsgiving

    December 4, 2015 by RyuChanVEVO

    Merry Christmas again! (Or whatever holiday you celebrate, the love is for all)

    Hatsmas time is here!

    Hattiness and cheer!

    Avatars for our users,

    Ryu's favorite time of year!

    I'll add a Santa hat,

    candy canes, all that!

    Make your pic just like St. Nick

    for use in blogs and chat!

    (I think there must be something wrong with me, Wiki. I've spent five years with you nerds, drawing and photoshopping Christmas-themed goodies into your avatars. And now I'm going to do it again? Leave me a comment if you want me to put a Santa hat on yours. Or, request something special, like reindeer antlers or elf ears. It might not work out, but I'll try! If you would like to use an image other than your current avatar, please …

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  • RyuChanVEVO

    So, as a follow-up to my last dub-related blog, I'm pleased to announce that I was one episode and half a year off so far. At this rate, we may be in the timeskip before 2017. And what's more, we'll definitely be in Impel Down by the end of this year. So, I'd like to talk about who I'd like to see voicing some of our soon-to-be characters. I understand that a vast majority of you won't care. Honestly, I don't know why you clicked this title. But for that small pocket of users who love voice actors as much as I do, I'll be going into quite a bit of detail.

    Jinbe is my all-time favorite One Piece character, so he'll be up first. In Japan, he was originally voiced by Daisuke Gori, a phenomenal actor who was very well known for his 'big, tough …

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  • RyuChanVEVO

    Operate Man, Operate Man.

    Doing the things a doctor can.

    What's he like? Not important.

    Operate Man.

    Is he nice? Does he love his crew?

    Does he have a sad backstory, too?

    Does it explain why he hates bread?

    Nobody knows. Operate Man.

    String String Man, String String Man.

    String String Man hates Operate Man.

    They have a fight, String Man wins.

    String String Man, String String Man.

    - Accordian Solo -

    Fire Man, Fire Man.

    Gained the powers of fire, man.

    Usually nice to pirate man.

    Fire Man.

    He's got a pipe and dragon claws.

    Can he fight? Wait for the raws.

    He was alive the entire time.

    Trolling man, Fire Man.

    Rubber Man, Rubber Man.

    Like an inflatable rubber band.

    He's got an army of his fans.

    Rubber Man.

    Is he retarded? Or is he just dumb?

    Is his brain also made of gu…

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