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Anime Song Covers by OP Characters. Part 1

Ryaneden January 20, 2013 User blog:Ryaneden

Just a little thought i had ealier like what if the One Piece characters did covers of Various Anime Songs? Well here's the first part of my list.  Complete with a link to the English Lyrics.

Brook- Step By Step Detective Conan Ending 01

Robin - Nazo Detective Conan Opening 02

Boa Hancock- Hikari to Kage no Roman Detective Conan Ending 03

Luffy - (After Ace's Death) Kimi ga Inai Natsu Detective Conan Ending 04

Franky- Wild Challenger Bobobobobo Opening 01

Chopper- Shiawasse Bobobobobo Ending 01

Nami Cry No More (During The Arlong Arc) Blood Plus Ending 02

Usopp - The Biggess Dreamer Digimon Tamers Japanese Opening

Young Luffy and Young Ace - FIRE!! Digimon Frontier Japanese Opening

Gold Roger - With The Will Insert Song for Digimon Tamers

Zoro - Days Eureka  Seven Opening 02

I'll post more later but this all for now tell me what you guys think on the  either the chat or in the comments.

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