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  • Ryaneden

    Just a little thought i had ealier like what if the One Piece characters did covers of Various Anime Songs? Well here's the first part of my list.  Complete with a link to the English Lyrics.

    Brook- Step By Step Detective Conan Ending 01

    Robin - Nazo Detective Conan Opening 02

    Boa Hancock- Hikari to Kage no Roman Detective Conan Ending 03

    Luffy - (After Ace's Death) Kimi ga Inai Natsu Detective Conan Ending 04

    Franky- Wild Challenger Bobobobobo Opening 01

    Chopper- Shiawasse Bobobobo…

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  • Ryaneden

    Chapter 03 Enter Roronoa Zoro and the Bastard Son Helmeppo

    “So where are we headed anyway Coby?” Hikairi asked Coby who was looking straight ahead. “Where going north to town called Shell Town. There we can stop for food and supplies.” He said adjusting the sails. “I've been there before. There's also a marine base there which is perfect since you wanna be a marine. Coby.” Hikairi said leaning over the side of of the boat looking at the water.

    “Yeah, but. I've heard some bad rumors about that town though.” Coby said to Hikairi. As Hikairi looked over to Luffy who was stating to get excited. “The last time I was there it was pretty peaceful town and that was about a week ago.” She said as Coby got worried look on his face. “But there's a dang…

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