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Ruffy1 July 31, 2010 User blog:Ruffy1

luffy after appearing at Marine HQ is now consider by the Marines declaring war agaisnt them after ringing the ox since the Marines are short on men thank to the combined efforts of WB and his new world pirate allies.But Luffy now has a large scale of allies himself such as......

  • the fishriders
  • rayleigh
  • those monkey pirate explorers
  • warriors of skypeia
  • the franky family
  • thriller bark zombie silders
  • the WB pirates
  • dadan and the mountain bandits
  • the revolutionairies
  • new okamaland pirates
  • boa handcock and the kuja pirates
  • zeff and his chefs
  • the giants of lil garden and former giant guards of EL
  • the kingdom of arabasta
  • and drum island
  • brooks friends devil clan

choppers bird friends

with all these allies what do yu think luffy could do in the future agaisnt Marineford and the World Government?

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