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Ok so wat would happen if light and ice went head on?

Kizaru's strengths

  • Has many great offensive abilities.
  • His much faster then Aokiji.
  • recovers much quicker
  • And uses light beams of mass destruction.

Kizaru's weaknesses

  • Aokiji could deflect the light with ice
  • Kizaru is not as strong as Aokiji
  • and he does not seem smarter Aokiji either

Aokiji's strengths

  • Has good reflaxs
  • is more well rounded with his ice abilities
  • is physical stronger then Kizaru
  • and can freeze entire vase sections of ocean in seconds

Aokiji's weaknesses

  • slower than Kizaru
  • not nearly as fast
  • and quite lazy lol

But i would love for you to give your opinions of who would win and why.