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Eneru could he be a Shichibukai?

Ruffy1 August 3, 2010 User blog:Ruffy1

Eneru has proven to be one of the strongest figures in one piece world even after marinford i still think his one of the strongest.So could he be considered at the same level as a Shichibukia?Facts speak for their selves.....

  • his a master of mantra allowing him to read acttacks and even hear thoughts and voices of others at far distances.
  • is an excellent combatant with inhuman strenght and can move at the speed of light like kizaru.
  • is a genius equal to that of Crocdile.
  • and has mastered his DF abilities to the point where he can instantly kill anyone in mere seconds destroy whole islands and can take a punch.

With these being said i believe that Eneru has the power to hold a spot in the Shichibukai and is an equal to them he only lose to luffy because of him being a rubberman.So does he have what it takes to be a Shichibukai.

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