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  • Ruffy1

    Eneru has proven to be one of the strongest figures in one piece world even after marinford i still think his one of the strongest.So could he be considered at the same level as a Shichibukia?Facts speak for their selves.....

    • his a master of mantra allowing him to read acttacks and even hear thoughts and voices of others at far distances.
    • is an excellent combatant with inhuman strenght and can move at the speed of light like kizaru.
    • is a genius equal to that of Crocdile.
    • and has mastered his DF abilities to the point where he can instantly kill anyone in mere seconds destroy whole islands and can take a punch.

    With these being said i believe that Eneru has the power to hold a spot in the Shichibukai and is an equal to them he only lose to luffy…

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  • Ruffy1

    like father like son

    July 31, 2010 by Ruffy1

    luffy after appearing at Marine HQ is now consider by the Marines declaring war agaisnt them after ringing the ox since the Marines are short on men thank to the combined efforts of WB and his new world pirate allies.But Luffy now has a large scale of allies himself such as......

    • the fishriders
    • rayleigh
    • those monkey pirate explorers
    • warriors of skypeia
    • the franky family
    • thriller bark zombie silders
    • the WB pirates
    • dadan and the mountain bandits
    • the revolutionairies
    • new okamaland pirates
    • boa handcock and the kuja pirates
    • zeff and his chefs
    • the giants of lil garden and former giant guards of EL
    • the kingdom of arabasta
    • and drum island
    • brooks friends devil clan

    choppers bird friends

    with all these allies what do yu think luffy could do in the future agai…

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  • Ruffy1

    Monkey D.Dragon is the most wanted man so far for going directly agaisnt the WG and is has many followers probaly the same as the way the WG has 170 countries or less then that because of The Revoutionary Army acttacking The WG's kingdoms and HQ's around the world.Dagon himself is their main focus but do to the Marines having to dill with pirates have little to no time to dill with Dragon a far greater threat then any mere pirates but why is this?His father is hero of marines and his son is one of the worlds most wanted pirates in the world so what about Dragon?With commanders such as Kuma,Ivankov and Inazuma he most be just as strong as each of them so what do you think Dragon is capiable of doing with his own power?

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  • Ruffy1

    what do u think will happen when the strawhat pirates reunite what will be their first course of action and what will they do to shake the world and let everyone know their bac and better then ever?

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  • Ruffy1

    Mihawk number one swordsmen and firstmate Zoro.....

    In thier first battle Zoro failed to even scratch the great Hawk Eyes but but then he was still just a novice.Now he has become a famous swordsmen and his power is recongnized thruw out Grand Line and now he is consider by most a demon.His captain Luffy has defeated two shichibukai and is now consider a worldwide threat by WG.

    What would happen now if Zoro would was to duel Mihawk what do u think woud be the outcome of this battle?

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