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Some part of OP is Indianised!

Hello,Long time no blog!

Yeah! here's a blog that I wanted to do for a really long time:)

The following stuff are present in OP with definite Indian roots (I'm pretty sure of these):

OP stuff Description
Asura Asura means "demon",but not necessarily a 9-handed x 3-headed one! you remember Kaku's words before his defeat?
Shura Asura is the opposite of Shura...and it means God
Ohm Ohm is a holy(holiest in fact) syllable that is used at the start of hymns
Yama Certainly a pun on Lord Yama,the ruler of the dead (this guy is actually portrayed as being more horrible but also more just than Hades)
Mantra A style of thinking that is "somewhat" equal to the K.Haki!
Jaya Certainly Indian origin,but can't find out what...but means victory(also a commonly used female name)
Braham The God who "creates" Humans.Also believed to be the creator of everything(Except other Gods).
Uma_Uma_no_Mi Uma is certainly an Indian word,but cant figure out what(also a common female name)

I'm sure I missed a lot as I mainly took only Skypiea arc into consideration

Hope this also helps you!

Roranoa zoro [Talk] 07:37,5/24/2011

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