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I would like to add some more questions to this quiz ,... can you help me out ?

thanks !

Roranoa's quiz ! :

Warning : Crazy answers for crazy questions ! 'If you wish to add a question , feel free to ask me !'

1. What's common between Pell and Jaguar.D.Saul ?
Answer: Sacrifice-They both made a sacrifice for something/someone they care for.
2. How can Devilfruit users manage to swim ?
Answer: Use Haki on themselves-This can be a probable way for DF user to swim !.
3. What is the will of "D" ?
Answer; The "D" is a smile ( remember :-D !)-whenever a "D" dies , he passes a "will" i.e he smiles while dying !.
4. How can Hawkins beat someone stronger than himself ?
Answer; Kill himself - all this while transfering the effects to the opponent !.
5. Why do you think my user-name is Rora... and not Roro... ?
Answer; I did it that way so that when you type it in the search box,you are directed to here !.
--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 01:48,4/23/2011