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Oda?..dont tell me you forgot Caribou!

Dude....this psycho was my favorite at the start of the arc..(Hyozou replaced this now ofcourse!)

Did Oda create him just randomly?


Did Oda forget him?!

Seriously I wanna see him again..but what purpose does he serve to this arc?
--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 07:43,7/9/2011

New section:Ideas!

  • He CAN be the arc's final villain!..
  • He's got a variation of the Yami Yami fruit
  • He's gotta be strong,seeing the plight of our expected final villains(Hody and Decken)
  • He might do "something" to Shirahoshi and Luffy gets ANGRY(fights him and gets busted while Zoro saves the day!!)!
--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:41,7/9/2011