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OK look now that Blackbeard has to show his true power to us all (the audience) he has to kill a strong character, I think it would be Kong because unlike many of you who has think that he might kill an admiral , I think he would kill a more passive but powerful character like Kong.

Of course Kong would not be dead easily such and it would be more like a sacrifice: BB tries to destroy the whole WG and Kong gets in the way),.......... and Kong’s death would bring some serious consequences like Sengoku and Garp crying and even the admiral’s eyes with tears (even Akainu’s) and there would be some flashbacks like Kong training the admirals and they being very closely attached to him and they all would swear to kill BB.

And I don’t think Akainu is a bad character just because he killed Ace, he did his duty with responsibility (he’s even my one of the favourite characters for killing someone as strong as Ace).

I think this would be my last post until march 24, cause I am going through a chrysalis stage ( please don’t ask what it is , something personal!!)

What do you guys think about Kong’s death??