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King of the hill !

I just copied the idea from some other wiki : I'm sure it will be very good ( If we are creative enough ! )

This is a game :

How to play :

King of the Hill !
  • No Replying to a comment
  • To end your comment, say "My hill" to claim the hill [ Or even MH ]
  • The Hill ain't yours always.
  • Destroying the Hill ? : Allowed !
  • No teams.

Example :

B: I run towards the hill : My Hill!

A: I use sishin-senson : blow B away : My Hill!

C: Transport A to hell ! My Hill!

A: My soul stabs C : MH!

....................................... and so on !

Have fun .....guys/......girls/......what ever ! Roranoa zoro [Talk] 05:36,3/29/2011

Read this !

I'm taking back all my replies that say " u are not allowed to claim the hill "
  • Please stop replying to comments

[new guideline] :

While claiming the hill from someone else : Please try to relate ur reason u give to the "How u escaped the previous reason's effects !

Thanks !

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