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Fanon : The Blade Pirates !

I'm gonna make a fanon pirate crew at the shipoffools and I need ur help ! :)

This crew was Mihawks old pirate crew and got disabandoned after Hawk became a warlord ;

  • The crew consists of 7 members
  • All of 'em are swords men
The crew :
  1. 'Captain - 'Mihawk
  2. First mate - <Your help needed !>
  3. <Your help needed !>
  4. <Your help needed !>
  5. <Your help needed !>
  6. <Your help needed !>
  7. Zabuza (!)- One of the crew members , I just need a reason why he entered the Naruto world !
  • Members 2-6 ; you can either create your own swords man or just use another existing anime swords man .
  • No Kisame and Vista in the crew ! .
  • If any other anime swordsman is used , a reason why he joined may be given .
Thanks ! :)--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 12:42,4/30/2011

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