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Defeating Logia users without using Haki

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We all know that Logia users can be touched by Haki/Seastone..but what are the other ways to beat 'em? here are a few of em..:

1.Sea water/Fishman Karate


2.Elemental weakness

I think every Logia has an "elemental" disadvantage..Like:
  1. Moku Moku no Mi ==Wind/pressure(???)
  2. Mera Mera no Mi ==Magma
  3. Suna Suna no Mi ==Any liquid that wets sand
  4. Goro Goro no Mi ==Rubber/Wood
  5. Hie Hie no Mi ==Fire/electricity/heat(???)
  6. Yami Yami no Mi ==Darkness perhaps(???)
  7. Pika Pika no Mi ==Light perhaps(???)
  8. Magu Magu no Mi ==Something that cools magma(???)
  9. Numa Numa no Mi ==(???)
  10. Gasu Gasu no Mi ==Wind/pressure(???)
  11. Yuki Yuki no Mi ==Fire/electricity/heat(???)


Yea,we all perhaps know Logia can be beaten by sheer speed i.e. cut them 'faster than their elemental recovery speed' (Zoro beat Monet this way).

Fujitora's DF

I didn't wanna make a blog on this so here's what I think:

I think his DF's about outer space(black holes,meteorites,etc).
edit:Oh yea,now that i think about it , might just be an 'earth' DF.

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