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I know how dumb it is when you gotta go and search for your blogs on your huge blog list!,..I think I got a solution

..just add this code(user page/sandbox..wherever!):

<bloglist count=100 summary=true summarylength=25 type=box title="Sample code" timestamp=true order=date> <category>Blog posts</category> <author>Roranoa zoro</author> </bloglist>

It yields:

Create blog post

Sample code

See more >


  • I made the count of my blog list as 5 not to flood stuff up on this blog..I got more than 50 of 'em!
  • Just keep the count of the blogs as 150 so you dont need to update it at all!
  • You can just play with the parameters like summarylength,timestamp and all that stuff...I just feel lazy to explain 'em!
  • Hope this blog helps ya!
--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:53,7/10/2011