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Are you from the hel-"L" ?!

Before I started watching OP:

  • I always tried to walk around , talk , develop personality , etc like Kai ( Beyblade )
  • Next Piccallo took that place ( DBZ )

After I started watching OP :

  • Shanks ( influence my personality alot ! )

.....And now :

  • I recently started watching Deathnote and all of a sudden this 'L' guy started influencing me more than any other person !
I started doing the following things :
  1. Sub-consiously sit like him ( and realise only when my legs start aching !)
  2. Reasoning : I started thinking like him !

You guys ?

Has anything like this happened to you guys ?

Roranoa zoro [Talk] 07:10,4/11/2011

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