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How it all happened!

April 21 2011:That's when THIS GREAT USER!! requested for the chat on this wiki!

April 26 2011:That's when this wiki got it's chat installed(It would have been installed on the same day as above if not for me to create a blog on this wiki and ask for user opinions...but yeah thanks LPK,you helped me to send messages to users (I had no bot at that time!))

Fun facts about the chat!

  • This blog was never planned! happened all of a sudden! is April 26th!...exactly 3 months!.....I HONESTLY never planned it!
  • We were the first 'non-staff chosen' wiki to get a chat...really proud of it:)
  • We were one of the few wikis to get to test the chat feature before it became other words the users' constant reply on bugs(Panda and Jinbe in specific)to me helped a lot in debugging the chat...
  • ON EVERY CHAT RELATED-ANNOUNCEMENT THE STAFF MAKE....I bet you'll be able to find our image ON THE TOP...find one without our image and you win my bot!
  • I noticed that the time moved on very quick...we never noticed that it's really 3 months old already!
  • Our chat room ID is 13(the unlucky no.!)
  • It's a really good place to kill time once you have nothing to do on the wiki but gaze at the activity!
  • It was real fun when I asked the users on chat to test the ban code on 'em!

Hope you all enjoy the chat!

I hope it's a great feature for us all!....Have fun chatting!--Roranoa zoro Talk|||15:04,7/26/2011 }}