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  • Roranoa zoro

    Most Stupid Character

    October 11, 2014 by Roranoa zoro
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  • Roranoa zoro

    • Meh,again

    • The chapter had some surprises
    • Law's a D,he'll probably die;smiling ofc
    • Buffalo's awesome
      • Lamy is also probably a 'D'(someone on chat mentioned:/)

    • Page 14,middle panel

    • Corazon has the Mera Mera fruit.

    • Mangabattles
    • Timeline
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  • Roranoa zoro

    So yeah as the title says,post the manga panel that you felt was the most epic in OP as of now.

    Although there are quite a few,these are the ones that came to my mind right now:

    So post your favorite manga panels here.

    • Recently made this wiki,check it out!
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  • Roranoa zoro

    Smartest person in OP

    November 23, 2013 by Roranoa zoro

    • Oda stated Beckman's the most intelligent in the East Blue,followed by Kuro and then Nami.

    • Obvious reasons.

    • Gotta be intelligent coz he's a scientist.

    • He was the leader of a big underground organization and managed to hide it well.

    • He got Sqardo to stab WB.

    • As we've seen in the current arc,everything went according to his plans.

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  • Roranoa zoro

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

    I KNOW I'VE MISSED MANY,but that's what the comments are for.


    screen shots (>.>)..Panda,THT,X and LPK have many of these I guess,..hope none of 'em include me.

    N/A currently.

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