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Greetings folks!

With a new chapter around the corner I thought I would take the time to address the status of Wiki Crews as well as other stuff. Wiki Crews are teams of various users dedicated to working on a specific project for the wiki. Some crews include the grammar crew, stub fixing crew, design crew, and the updating crew. Each one of these play an important role in the wiki. If you're new to the wiki then this is the perfect opportunity to start contributing to the community as well as meeting new people. New and fluent in Japanese? Great! You can be a big help in the wiki when it comes to translating stuff (We should really make a translating crew btw~) For our veteran users, a crew would be a perfect way to focus your time and energy into something you are good at. So let's uh...revive this thing! :D

Chat PSA:

Want a button that will conveniently display all the emotes for you on your screen while on chat? If so, create a page on the wiki called your username here)/chat.js and then copy and paste this code found here :P