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Greeting ladies and gentleman,

It's that time again, One Piece is on break this week hence why there is no chapter release today. You know how it usually goes, normally when the manga goes on hiatus, the wiki activity slows down for that week. That being said, just because there's no chapter today doesn't mean there is not stuff to do on the wiki. For those of you new to the wiki, there are many things you can do to help the wiki. Participate in ongoing forums, fill in episode stubs and other projects. Just remember to read the guidelines, remember references, and if you need help ask a responsible editor who knows what they're doing. Oh and if you are feeling adventurous, come and visit our wiki chat. You will have a good time :D

Now with that out of the way, time for this week's main event. This week we are creating our own abridge for the manga



Take note of how each panel is numbered on the page. That was done purposely. Your job is to fill in the speech bubbles. You will do this in the comments in the form of a numbered list. Make sure the numbered list corresponds with the numbers on the page. Here's an example:

1. (for the #1 on the page): Where's the money? 2. (for the #2 on the page): I told you I don't have it!

Something along those lines. Be as creative to your heart's content with this, just don't push it :D

So, what did you think?

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