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Before I start, I want to say that AoD gave me permission for this blog.

Greeting ladies and gentleman,

As you may know, One Piece is currently on break this week hence why there is no chapter release today. Normally when the manga goes on hiatus, the wiki activity slowly grinds to a stop and everything goes quiet for a week. Just because there's no chapter today doesn't mean there is not stuff to do on the wiki. For those of you new to the wiki, there are many stubs and projects that you can help on. Just remember to read the guidelines and remember references. If you are feeling adventurous, come and visit our wiki chat :D

Now that I have got that out of the way, time for the main event! Throughout the series we have seen bounty posters for numerous infamous pirates in One Piece. They are a big deal no doubt since fans always debate and speculate over certain character's bounties. Today, you all have the opportunity to create your own bounty posters :D This is just a fun little activity to get the community together! The possibilities of what you can do with it are endless. Put it on your profile page, print it out and put it in your room, put it on your fridge, make it your wallpaper, and more!

How to make your own bounty poster:

1. Proceed to this site

2. Follow the directions prompted on the site (find and save the image you want beforehand)

3. Create

4. Save the poster

5. Display on your profile page (in the comments work too!)


So, what did you think?

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