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Hello everyone!

As you all probably have realized by now, photobucket isn't working as intended on the wiki anymore and Staff is too lazy to fix it. After experimenting for quite some time I have discovered an alternative method in putting images on the wiki without uploading anything to the wiki itself. The point of this is so you can have all the epic pictures, fanart and dank memes on your profile page and blog comments and not go against the Image Guidelines. After all, how could anyone survive without having some images in a blog?


Please Note that the Process will be somewhat lengthy:

Step 1: Convert all your images to gifs here [1]

Step 2: Save your newly converted gif to place that you will easily find later (you're going need it in a bit)

Step 3: Proceed here [2]

Step 4: Go to your folder where you saved the gif and drag it to the blue rectangle on Giphy

Step 5: Click on the effects tab

Step 6: Click on the sunset filter (any filter will do really)

Step 7: Click Upload

At this point you should get a link like this Congratulations! You are almost there! Now you just need to tweak the url a bit. all the text after the gifs/ part here)/giphy.gif

Your final product should be something like this (right click and open the image in a new tab if you are having trouble trying to replicate this)


And voilà you are done! :D

Credits to: Neo and her original blog and Vid

So, what do you think?

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