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Ladies and gentleman,

I’m pleased to announce that due to “popular demand” and some bribery, this wiki is officially getting its own chat of shame blog.  Like the legendary IMHungry4444 once said, our chat is pretty shameful…..and dead. Rumors say that his ghost still haunts this wiki, lurking in the shadows, and he still wants to uncover all of your dirty little chat secrets. Now without further adeu, post all you got in the comments section. Remember photobucket, imugur, and any other image hosting site works. And remember, the most important thing is to have fun! :D

Disclaimer: This wiki is not responsible for any broken friendships or breakups that may result due to this blog. But in all seriousness though, posts should be well intended and not be used to hurt or put down or shame others. 

EDIT: To also keep this even more One Piece related you are free to discuss the best moments in One Piece history if you want. 

Here's to get you started

Update: 2012 OP chat national anthem