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Hello everyone,

Thanks to the unpredictable nature of Golden Week, we have an early OP chapter this week. Seeing that no one else has written a review yet, I have taken the burden of writing one \( .___.)/

So the chapter begins in Big Mom's ship. We see that her soldiers bare strong resemblance to those in Alice-in-Wonderland. This is the not the first time we see Oda incorporate Alice-in-Wonderland references, we had Nekomamushi who bared a strong resemblance to the Cheshire cat back in Zou. Moving on, we see Caesar locked up (not surprised really) and are introduced to another member of the Firetank pirates who reminds me of Scotch (Kaido's subordinate). Gotti is about to teach Sanji a lesson after the latter tells him and Vito to leave Sanji's room, but he is stopped by someone who looks very very very similar to Lola (no guys we can't say it's her yet because it's speculation :D). Back at the Sunny, Luffy finally manages to catch a fish for the crew to eat, but ends up getting poisoned because he wasn't informed in time that the fish's skin was poisonous. I'm shocked that he can even still get poisoned after his fight with Magellan and Caesar Clown. The chapter wraps up with the Strawhats running into Germa 66 and with us seeing a glimpse of one of Sanji's relatives. Oh and there's another break next in case you didn't know ( =____=)

So, what did you think?

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