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Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

We have got another chapter on our hands today so let's get started shall we?

The cover page for this week includes Sabo helping some squirrels with their nuts. I'm started to question the people who request these commissions to Oda...

Despite the chapter being a bit shorter than usual, we got some good stuff. Luffy fights Fujitora, with the former taking pity on the admiral by announcing his attacks due to his inability to see.

Oh look, Fujitora uses the same attack that he used on Sabo on Luffy, sending him flying. Thankfully Hajrudin manages to catch Luffy. This kind of reminds me of a scene in Marineford where Kizaru sent Luffy flying, with Whitebeard catching him.

Now this is where the chapter gets interesting. All this time we've been debating on who would be the next StrawHat pirate. Guess what? Turns out there might be 5,600 new StrawHat members (if MangaPanda translated correctly for once). All the coliseum gladiators want their crews to join forces with Luffy. This is only if Luffy doesn't outright reject their offer. Still, it will be interesting if he does accept their offer.

As anticipated, Oda decides to troll us with a break next week. So Chapter 800 will not arrive on schedule and will push back the contest. I understand that were some questions about the contest from my last blog. I will make another blog later today for submissions and answering questions.

So, what did you think?

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