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Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

Today you have the privelige in reading two chapter reviews, courtesy of me and "my boss". Now let's get started shall we?

The chapter begins with the pirates still being pursuited by the marines, with some of the gladiators choosing to confront them. And of course Zoro still has a bad sense of direction.

Oh look, Luffy breaks into the palace and kidnaps Rebecca. Next Strawhat hype? Yeah no..... Luffy just reunites her with Kyros with Rebecca giving up on being Queen. She might have actually died getting there thanks to marines. Seriously? Haven't they learned that Luffy is made of rubber yet and all bullets just bounce off him?

The chapter wraps up with Fujitora going after Luffy. Most likely he will let Luffy go. But who knows?

Overall the chapter was okay, but I was expecting a better chapter after 2 weeks. Personally I found Cavendish's horse still being alive after getting its skull crush to be the highlight of the chapter.

So, what did you think?

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