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Over the course of these past two arcs, a few plot points have been set up that interest me greatly, but don't seem to have been discussed much on the wiki.

The "Magic Wand"- The one part of Nami's previous Clima-Tact that Usopp couldn't integrate into the new one. I can see two ways that this could become relevant; a. The absence of the wand negatively impacts Nami's ability to fight, or b. It somehow ends up being useful to Usopp and the Wano team. So far, its absence doesn't seem to have affected the Clima-Tact's performance, but with a big battle on the way, that could soon change. On the second point, I have a theory. Since Usopp, gadgeteer extraordinaire, couldn't figure out how the wand works, I wondered if Franky might be able to do something with it. Franky mentioned that he was planning to build a weapon to use against Kaido, and this seems like the perfect plot device to make it work.

Zou Vivre Card- This particular plot point could go a few different ways, literally. Depending on who they took the fingernail from, the Beast Pirates could up at Zou, Whole Cake, or wherever the Guardians are. I'm hoping for the third option. If the Guardians have met up with WB crew, a battle has some serious hype potential leading up to the big battle on Wano.

Germa Kingdom Reverie- We got a taste of the upcoming Reverie at the start of this arc, and its coming up fast. If the SHs are going to the Reverie, Oda needs to get that set up, ASAP. Shortly after that preview, Reiju mentioned that the Vinsmokes could attend, but that got shunted aside after they revealed their plan to retake the North Blue. However, Big Mom's treachery threw a wrench in that plan, and the Vinsmokes now have to ally with the SHs. Assuming some sort of reconciliation is possible between Sanji and his family, could this be the SHs ticket in?

Pound- Ehhh, I got nothing here. He's Lola and Chiffon's father, and a former husband of Big Mom, so I can't imagine he doesn't still have a part to play in this arc, but I don't know what it could be. Anyone else got any ideas?