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about opening 15

hello all! I am a new member here. I have in common when written one piece in opening 15. I saw the writing one piece:

Zoro on his chest
Nami in arms over her right hand
Usopp in arms over his left hand
Sanji in cigarette smoke
Chopper in his hat
Robin on her chest
Franky on his black glasses
Brook in the back shirt (like stickers)

if matched:

Zoro and Robin (the same one piece lettered across the chest)
Nami and Usopp (the same which said one piece in the upper arm while the hand is different hands)
Sanji and Brook (the same which said one piece at a place that is not allowed)
Chopper and franky (the same one piece in which said object is in use)

whether it marked something?

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